Mago Pilgrimage Vol 1

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Mago Pilgrimage: Journey to the Primoridal Home via Magoist Epic Narratives and Photo Essays

Author: Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

Forthcoming 2016 by Mago Books.

This book aims at introducing the long-forbidden epic of the Great Goddess, the Budoji (Epic of the Emblem City), which secretly survived throughout history and recently revived in modern Korea. Epitomized as “Return to the Origin of the Great Goddess/Mago,” the Budoji, the principal text of Magoism, guides the reader to the primordial consciousness of the Creatrix through the story of the cosmogonic origin and the vicissitudes of the Mago Clan on planet Earth. Dr. Hwang’s photo essays open the door to the ancient understanding of Mago Pilgrimage, as known and transmitted to pre-patriarchal Korean ancestors; the journey to ONESELF in which one encounters the Story of the Creatrix.