Helen Hwang’s Books

cover front final rdcdThe Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia, 2015

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Mago Almanac: 13 Month, 28 Day Calendar (Book A)​, 2017

Magoist Calendar, The Mago Time Inscribed in Sonic Numerology (2018)

The Mago Way: Reinstating Magoist Mytho-History of Old Korea (Volume 2), 2018.

Mago Almanac: 13 Month, 28 Day Calendar (Book B), 2019​

Mago Pilgrimage: Journey to the Primordial Home via Magoist Epic Narratives and Photo Essays (Volume 1), 2019

Dragons & Phoenixes: Female Power in Magoist Culture and Mytho-History (Volume 1), 2020

Mago Sourcebook: Stories and Toponyms (Volume 1), forthcoming 2020.

The Mago Way: Transnational Manifestations of Magoism in East Asia and Beyond (Volume 3), forthcoming 2021.

2017 Mago Work Calendar (Free PDF @ Mago Bookstore)