2017 The Mago Work Calendar

front-coverCast off patriarchal grips and restore the WE time-space derived from Mago, the Great Goddess! 2017 Mago Work Calendar is now available for US and international shipping! Order info here.

2017 Mago Work Calendar crystalizes a collective effort of many Goddessians/Magoists who have supported and participated in the Mago Work projects as artists, writers, researchers, poets, volunteers, and donors for the last four years. The Mago Work, comprising Return to Mago E*Magazine (http://magoism.net), Mago Academy (http://magoacademy.org), Mago Books (http://magobooks.com), and Mago Pool Circle (http://www.magopoolcircle.net), is a nexus that connects with many other wonderful individuals and organizations. It represents the cross-cultural movement of Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality whose ultimate goal is to cultivate the consciousness of WE in S/HE. We invite you to join our collective remembrance and celebration of the marginalized world’s ancient feast days including lunar Magoist celebrations, marks for women, indigenous peoples, and nature. Meet us as individuals and groups in our creatively path-blazing collaborative projects that including Gift-sharing Economy, She Rises Volume 1 and Volume 2, The Mago Way, Mago Pilgrimage, online classes, and Nine Day Solstice Celebration.

8.5″x11″, 28 pages with a hole, saddle stitch. Use the last two pages as a poster that includes the following info and back cover!

Moon phases
24 seasonal marks
Worldwide ancient Goddess feasts
Ancient Korean Magoist marks
Worldwide marks for women, indigenous peoples & nature
Mother’s Day around the globe
Add your own special days.

Check out the front cover (contents) and back cover (our networks)!2017-calendar-final-7-page-001


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