Magoist Calendar: The Mago Time of NOW Inscribed in Sonic Numerology

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Title: Magoist Calendar, The Mago Time Inscribed in Sonic Numerology

Author: Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

Forthcoming 2018 (Pre-oder available in May together with the restored calendar, Mago Calendar, Return of the 13th Friday in 13 Months and 28 Days)

Description: Magoist Calendar is the inter-cosmic genealogical chart of the Creatrix in which all is found kindred. It unfolds the one standard unified time, which I call the Cosmic Mother’s Time or the Mago Time, wherein all beings in Our Universe from microcosmic quarts to macrocosmic celestial bodies are perceived in continuum. The Cosmic Mother’s Time is an inclusive time in which everyone is re-membered and celebrated. It is revelatory for its numinous nature, which some may call a mystery. The Mago Time is happening HERE/NOW. Protons and stars are summoned next to each other, sharing the same Mother’s Lineage. The Mago Time holds together the worlds. The inter-protonic world dovetailed in the inter-galactic world spirals into myriad dimensions for all beings to run the life of birth, growth and metamorphosis. Put simply, it is the time for all, the WE. In it, all is present in the journey of becoming. No one remains static or unaffected. In that sense, the Mago Time is the Womb Time in which life is given forms to become the fullest potential. It is Our Time, the Time of WE/HERE/NOW! At the heart of the Mother’s Time is the female fertility cycle in sync with the lunar cycle (monthly 28-day and yearly 13-month). Following the synchronous rhythm of women and the moon, the inter-cosmic celebration of the Magoist Calendar renews the pulse of all HERE/NOW. In the Mago Time, ecstasy becomes normal and the norm.

Appendix: Abridged version of the Mago Almanac, 13-Month 28-Day 5915 ME (2017-2018 CE)


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