Call for Contributions/Proposals, Goddesses in Myth, History & Culture Deadline extended

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Mago Books Textbook Project: Call for Contributions/Proposals

Mago Books would like to invite you to contribute to our new textbook project, Goddesses in Myth, History, and Culture, edited by Mary Ann Beavis and Helen Hye-Sook Hwang.

About the Editors, see here.

We are seeking academically qualified contributors (Ph.D. or equivalent) to write chapters under the broadly delineated headings listed below. The editors are open to suggestions for additions/revisions. We understand that for some of the subject areas delineated below, terminologies such as female divine, divine feminine, Goddess figure, bodhisattva, Mother, Grandmother, Mago, etc., may be more appropriate than “Goddess”; contributors should feel free to use these or other terms as appropriate. Contributions may be co-authored.

This project is for an affordable, single-volume academic textbook to be used in undergraduate university courses, in ebook form.

Contributions should contain general and introductory content rather than in-depth researched papers on specialized topics, although contributors’ expertise should be reflected in each contribution.

Proposals (max. 1,000 words) should identify: the topic or topics you are interested in covering; proposed word count (different topics will require varied levels of coverage); your academic qualifications (please attach an up-to-date CV). Authors selected will be primarily from the Mago Collective, although outside contributors may be solicited at the discretion of the editors. Illustrations such as original photographs, artworks and public domain images are welcome.

(Please see below for Proposed Table of Contents.)

If you are unable to contribute to this volume, we would appreciate your suggestions for alternative contributors.

Proposed chapter word count: 5000-15,000 words

Font: Times New Roman (12 font size, 1.15 spaced)

Style: Chicago Style, footnotes

Illustrations: As attachment of jpg files (must be 300 dpi)

Deadline for proposals: November 15, 2017

Final manuscript deadline: November 15, 2017 (flexible)


Submission and contact:

Acceptance of any and all content is at the discretion of the editors.

Further details will be informed to selected contributors in a timely manner.


Proposed Table of Contents




Section 1: The Goddess and Pre-patriarchal History


Section 2: Goddesses/Female Divine in Indigenous Religions (First Nations Spiritualities, African Traditional Religions, Australian Traditional Religions, Asian Spiritualities, European Cultures)


Section 3: Ancient Near Eastern Goddesses (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel-Canaan)


Section 4: Goddesses of Pre-Christian Europe (Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic)


Section 5: Hindu and Buddhist Goddesses


Section 6: Goddesses of East Asia (Korea, Tibet, Vietnam, Japan, China)


Section 7: Contemporary Goddess Spiritualties (Wicca, Witchcraft, Goddess Feminism, Thealogy, Female Divine in Judaism, Christian Goddess Spirituality, Goddess in Sufism, Goddess in Today’s Culture)



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    Dr. Helen Hwang’s The Mago Way makes a significant contribution to our understanding of thealogy (the theological study of the divine feminine) and to the transnational feminism that must be the basis of global change. The Mago Way weaves together several stories—Dr. Hwang’s own journey away from Christianity and toward Mago (the gynocentric principle, rooted in pre-patriarchal East Asian/Korean culture, that encompasses all of existence), the story of Mago as told through the text of the Budoji (made available in […]

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  1. Dear Mago I am thrilled to submit artwork. I do need more guidance in what you are seeking; which goddesses, what themes, etc. Blessings, Sudie Rakusin

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  2. Dear Mago I am thrilled to submit artwork. I do need more guidance in what you are seeking; which goddesses, what themes, etc. Blessings, Sudie Rakusin

    ****PRE-HOLIDAY SALE* at Winged Willow Press ! Shop from Oct 15 – Nov 30 for great deals!***

    *The Art of Sudie Rakusin and Winged Willow Press* New website! See the art: ** View the merchandise: ** Color with the app: * *

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